Mr. Khan set the core focus of Daffodil Group from his thought of “What type of society we would like to build and what would be our contribution for the society?” Social responsibility is a fundamental part of Mr. Khan’s business strategy and culture. The entire Group is working on a core mission and that is to serve the country through ICT and Education which are the pillars for any national development. The development history of the group proves that the concerns of the group have been very well planned, organized, time bound and future focused. It is standing on the solid objective to turn the huge population into human resources by ensuring quality education, training and also through contributing in the development of Science and ICT. The service and feature of the group directly fill the gap to get a poverty free skilled nation.

The nature of its concerns, product line and the services which is provided by the group reflects its ethical practices. Contributing to get a sustainable economy and to the fight against poverty with education and employment which is supported foundations and institutes. He focused on the following areas:

Besides, he has personally supported many young people, kids and others in attending their study (university, school and college) and others for different causes (Marriage, Rehabilitation) provided equipment for different institutions.

With the pace of time Daffodil Group has come to a position which can be a model to follow by the entire world.